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Your Path to Certification. Detailed instructions and links to guide you through the Certification process.

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The Certification Process So you want to get certified? Here is an overview of What ACF Certification Is.

Following the steps recommended by ACF National, here’s what you need to do

1. Select the Level of Certification and begin the application process.

2. Begin collecting the documentation necessary for your selected level of certification. Follow the three easy steps of the Initial Certification process.



Do not forget to keep up on your recertification requirements! Recertification is due every five years. ACF national recommends you maintain a folder with copies of your official certificates and letters, conference registrations, transcripts, etc. in order to keep track of your progress.


Recertification application process from the ACF national website:

Step 1: Fill out a Recertification Application.

Step 2: Provide the necessary documentation for your Continuing_Education Hours (CEHs). They must include the number of hours taken and the date it was completed. Do not send original certificates and properly secure all paperwork together.


Here are some helpful links:

American Culinary Federation – Certification Video

American Culinary Federation – Certified Master Chef Video

Applications (application links are located about 2/3 of the way down on the ACF National Website Download Page)

Required course options:

Any accredited school

Comira (for the written exams)

•Taking the practical exam