Colorado Agriculture Day at the Colorado State Capitol

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2017 Colorado Agriculture Day at the Colorado State Capitol: Promotion of Colorado Lamb, Colorado Potatoes, Red Bird Farms, Colorado Beef, Polidori.

The ACF Colorado Chefs Association is honored to be chosen to partner with the Colorado Agriculture Council to bring “Ag Day” to fruition. The event is anticipated each spring at the Colorado State Capitol and is wildly popular, especially amongst the hungry capitol team members.

Each year, our ACFCCA chefs are paired with farmers, ranchers and legislators to produce a tantalizing Colorado Proud dish. The chefs must use a previously chosen Colorado Proud ingredient to highlight in their dish. Colorado Beef Council, Colorado Lamb Council, Colorado Potatoes, Colorado Eggs, The Vegetable Growers Association, Polidori Sausage, and Red Bird Farms are just a few of the Colorado Proud ingredients the chefs use for their creations.